Learning Laravel 6, 2020 Edition

Building Applications with Bootstrap 4

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Learning Laravel 5 - Chinese

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Book Description

Learning Laravel 6: Building Applications with Bootstrap 4 is the easiest way to learn web development using Laravel. Throughout 5 chapters, instructor Nathan Wu will teach you how to build many real-world applications from scratch. This bestseller is also completely about you. It has been structured very carefully, teaching you all you need to know from installing your Laravel app to deploying it to a live server.

When you have completed this book you will have created a dynamic website and have a good knowledge to become a good web developer.

We first start with the basics. You will learn some main concepts and create a simple website. After that, we progress to building more advanced web applications.

Learn by doing!

If you’re looking for a genuinely effective book that helps you to build your next amazing applications, this is the number one book for you.


The projects in this book are intended to help people who have grasped the basics of PHP and HTML to move forward, developing more complex projects, using Laravel advanced techniques. The fundamentals of the PHP are not covered, you will need to:

  • Have a basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS.
  • Love Laravel, as we do.

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Book Structure

Note: This book is still under active development, which means some chapters and its content may change. The book also may have some errors and bugs. For any feedback, please send us an email. Thank you.

Chapter 1 - Installing Laravel

There are many ways to install Laravel. In this chapter, you will learn how to setup Laravel Homestead (a Vagrant-based virtual machine), and run your Laravel projects on it.

Chapter 2 - Building Our First Website

This book is meant to help you build the skills to create web applications as quickly and reliably as possible. We present you with four projects in various states of completion to explain and practice the various concepts being presented. Our first app, which is a simple website, will walk you through the structure of a Laravel app, and show some main concepts of Laravel. You will also create a good template for our next applications.

Chapter 3 - Building A Support Ticket System

After having a good template, we will start building a support ticket system to learn some Laravel features, such as Eloquent ORM, Eloquent Relationships, Migrations, Requests, Laravel Collective, sending emails, etc.

While the project design is simple, it provides an excellent way to explore Laravel. You will also know how to construct your app structure the right way.

Chapter 4 - Building A Blog Application

Throughout the projects in this book up to this point, we've learned many things. It's time to use our skills to build a complete blog system. You will learn to make an admin control panel to create and manage your posts, users, roles, permissions, etc.

Chapter 5 - Deploying Our Laravel Applications

Finally, we learn how to create our own web server and deploy our Laravel app to it. Launching your first Laravel 5 application is that easy!


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